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Quality Mulching

Using mulch in your flower beds, around the rings of trees, and in landscaping, has many benefits. Mulches help soil retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and help suppress weed growth. There are many varieties of mulch to choose from and each has its own aesthetic and practical benefits. There are many benefits to adding mulch landscaping. Mulching improves the health of your garden by controlling weed growth, and preventing soil erosion from wind and water. Not only does using it across your yard or garden create a more unified look, it can save you time and energy later. With the right amount of mulch, you will not have to spend as much time watering or weeding your garden.

Our selection of mulches for delivery:

» Cedar mulch
» Red dyed mulch
» Chocolate dyed Mulch
» Light brown dyed mulch
» Natural mulch
» Shredded bark mulch
» Playground chips

We also supply Screened Topsoil.

Decorative Stones

Decorative stones have very similar properties to wood mulches. They help retain soil moisture, enhance drainage, and block weed growth. These benefits can help improve the life of your garden, and unlike regular mulches, you will not have to replace stones as frequently since they don't decompose and deteriorate as rapidly into the soil.

Much like our selection of mulches, decorative stones can be used in multiple applications and can enhance the appeal of your hardscapes and landscaping projects. Decorative stones can be used both in and out of your plant beds, as a mulch option or to form pathways between sections of your garden. Some customers also use decorative stones as driveway material, because it provides superior erosion control.

Decorative Stones available for delivery:

» Sand
» Road Gravel
» Limestone Screenings
» American Heritage Stone
» Mississippi River Bottom
» Washed Stone
» Red Rotten Granite

Sod Lawns

When you choose sod, you will have a plush lawn much more quickly than you would with grass seed. You will be able to start using and mowing your lawn in weeks, not months and you can install sod just about any time throughout the growing season. Sod also offers better weed resistance than seed when properly installed and maintained, especially when installing during summer or fall when weed seeds are more prevalent.

Prime disadvantages of sod are the limited number of grass species included in sod mixes, which may or may not be well suited to your site, and the initial cost is much more than seed. Sod is also established with different environmental conditions than your yard, including soil type, sun exposure and water, each of which could potentially lead to complications with establishment in your yard. When first establishing, sod will require a lot more water than seed, as you will want to water deeply from the start to encourage deep root growth.


» Instant Gratification
» No muddy mess
» Can use immediately
» Easier installation on slopes
» Essentially weed-free.


» More expensive
» Usually grown in full sun
» More water needed in first several weeks
» May shrink creating gaps. (especially if not watered properly)


Investing in hardscapes for your home or business helps add distinction and value to your property. Together with our experienced staff, we will help you find the hardscape solutions that fit your budget and vision for your outdoor spaces. We can help you create a hardscape that complements your existing gardens and plant beds, or design elements that reinvent your outdoor living space.

Our commercial and residential hardscaping add value & appeal to any property. We will work closely with you to design an outdoor space that fits your needs and budget. We strive to use the latest design standards and techniques to ensure you receive a hardscape that will withstand years of use & abuse including inclement weather.

Premier Outdoor Services hardscape services include:

» Landscape Design & Installation
» Patio Construction
» Retaining Walls
» Paver Driveways
» Stoops, Steps, & Landings
» Walkways
» Terraces
» Outdoor Fireplaces
» Construction Stone (Sand & Gravel)
» Fire Pits
» Commercial Design Solutions
» & More!

Call Premier Outdoor Services today for more information about transforming your backyard, lawn or Commercial Property with hardscape services. We are proud to serve communities across East Central Wisconsin including Manitowoc, Sheboygan & Ozaukee Counties. For questions or inquires please give us a call at 920-287-2263 today!